Before arrival

Educational Offer

Check the courses of Bachelor of Science and Master of Science programmes offered by PoliMi in the Manifesto degli studi.

Clicking on a specific course, the description, the name of professor, the course details and the timetable will be displayed. Class schedule is normally available in end of August. 

Click here for a tutorial on how to search for courses.

Courses selection

Before composing your study plan you should consider our rules indicated below:


Maximum 40 ECTS credits per semester (no minimum requested);No more than 12 ECTS credits per semester in other Schools of PoliMi. Design courses and Architecture Studios are not available for engineering students.


Consist of several modules: you must take the entire integrated course (all the modules)ONLY FOR BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING: please follow the rules for laboratories application indicated here.


  • A full workload at the School of Design of PoliMi is 30 ECTS credits per semester
  • 1 ECTS credit (equal to 1 CFU) = about 25 hours of workload including classes, practice, homework.
  • Use the Customized Schedule tool at the Manifesti degli Studi to verify your weekly schedule
  • Pay attention to where the course is held and avoid choosing courses held in different campuses
  • The same course might have more than one section. You may choose any section.

Buddy Program

The Buddy System matches new exchange students with students who are already studying at Politecnico. By filling out a brief registration form, you will be put in contact with your Buddy, who will give you useful information to organize your stay in Italy and support in understanding the life of a student at Politecnico and in the city of Milan. For more info visit this page.

Italian Language Courses

Every semester Politecnico di Milano sets up Italian language courses addressed to regularly enrolled exchange and double degree students.

You can find more info and apply on the Online Services > Mobility > Language Courses Catalogue

  • Method: online classes
  • Levels offered: absolute beginner (A0), beginner (A1), elementary (A2), intermediate (B1-B1+)
  • Tuition fee: 100 €
  • Classes: twice a week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) from 6.15 to 8 p.m.
  • Duration: 40 hours
  • Online level test

A placement test is designed just to set up homogeneous classes. The guidelines on how to carry out the online placement test as well as the instructions for the payment are available on the Online Services > Mobility > Language Courses Catalogue.

The deadline in order to register and carry out the online level test will be available soon.

Furthermore, Polimi offers to its students this free online seminar: Italian as a second language with E-LOCAL (Electronically Learning Other Cultures and Languages): the course is divided into 2 parts. The main characters of the course are Anna and Alex. They are two Erasmus students who arrive in Bologna. Anna and Alex are welcomed in their university town by Lorenzo and Lucia and are helped in their learning process by Elena and Giovanni. To find out more on the course and how to register visit this page.