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ARE YOU STAYING FOR TWO SEMESTERS? Please make sure that you fill out your study plan for the second semester in February too otherwise you won't be able to attend the courses and sit for the exams! Click here for all the info about the study plan.



To be able to sit for the exams, you must register through the Online Services within the deadlines.
Be aware that the ongoing tests (prove in itinere) taken throughout the semester don’t require a registration, unless otherwise stated by the professor.

Please note that you can register only if:

  • the course is included in your Study Plan at Polimi
  • you attended the course, in case the attendance is compulsory
  • you completed the Safety Course
  • you completed the Questionnaire(s) to evaluate the course(s) attended: for each course there is one Questionnaire

When registering for the first exam session (the first dates available of the exams) it will be necessary to upload to the Online Services > Edit personal data:

1.       a recent passport-size photo

2.       the scan copy of your identity document with a photograph and currently valid

At the end of the registration, the system issues a confirmation receipt.

To check the exact timetable of the exam and all the exam procedures, you must access the Online Services > Exam registration the day before the exam session.

Based on the principles and rules defined in the Code of ethics and behavior, Politecnico di Milano draws attention to the correct conduct during profit exams through the Code of Honor. In order to take the exams remotely, you must view and accept the Code of Honor for the exams through the Online Services > “Code of Honor for course proficiency evaluation”.


The methods and criteria for assessing the student’s performance are made available by the professor at the beginning of the didactic activities and they can include possible obligations to attend courses (lectures, exercises and/ or laboratories) and possible ongoing tests.


In Italy the evaluation of the exams/tests is expressed as a fraction of 30 points, where 18/30 is the minimum score and 30 cum laude is the maximum score. Results lower than 18/30 mean that the students failed the exam and these results won’t appear in their official transcript of records. For more info on the Italian education and credit system consult this page.


After the exam, you can ask to see the written tests, to book an interview with the professor and, possibly, to reject the evaluation. You will receive an email with the deadline for this kind of requests; after that, the evaluation will be registered and you will not be able to repeat the exam. The registered evaluations and those waiting for registration can be seen through the Online Services > Consultation of exam results.


From 1st to 2nd semester:

  • The request of extension has to be sent by email to our office by your home university coordinator
  • Ask for the extension within mid December
  • The approval will be given by email

From 2nd to 1st semester (between two academic years):

  • Submit a new online application within the deadline here
  • Get nominated by your home institution
  • Get accepted and enrolled

Please remember that you will be required to submit a new study plan for the extended semester.
Changes to the Learning Agreement must be requested within five weeks after the start of each semester. LA forwarded after the five weeks deadline will not be considered. Before sending the COMPLETE updated LA (before and during the mobility sections) please make sure that it corresponds to your online study plan. Send the LA to your mobility coordinator at PoliMi. Please consult the coordinators’ list. You will receive a signed copy of the LA by e-mail asap.