Zig Zag is a free-flowing scooter sharing service that guarantees the possibility to move easily in the city on three wheels, whenever necessary and for as long as necessary. Zig Zag scooters can be hired by everyone who is in possession of the B license. In a fast and simple way it is possible to move around the city in total freedom.

How sharing works
With Zig Zag you have an entire fleet of Yamaha Tricity 125 scooters at your disposal. Choose the most convenient scooter by booking it on the web or via the App. Unblock it from the App and start the rental. Drive your Zig Zag scooter as much as you want and when you arrive at your destination the rental from the App ends.

Where you can find it
Zig Zag scooter sharing is currently available in the city of Milan. You can search for it on the Zig Zag map in your App or you can simply book a scooter you see parked after checking if it is available.

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