What is it?

VOI is a leading Swedish electric scooter rental company present in over 45 European cities.

What are the benefits?

VOI offers Politecnico di Milano community:

  • 15 free minutes every month. These minutes can be used in any city in the world where VOI operates. The minutes will be automatically credited monthly exclusively to the institutional address. The minutes, if not used, will not be cumulative
  • 15% discount on the standard fare of Voi Pass monthly subscription

How does it work?

To enjoy the benefits dedicated to students and employees of Politecnico di Milano, it is necessary:

  • to send the request to access the agreement at the link https://www.voiscooters.com/it/voi-4-discounts/ 
  • to register on the VOI app through the institutional e-mail box, with the domain @polimi.it or @mail.polimi.it
  • to fill the form with the following information: name, surname, phone number, email, a picture of the university badge

For further information


For technical support: support@voiapp.io 

For information on the agreement: communitylife@polimi.it