What is it?

A car pooling service which consists in sharing a vehicle between two or more users who have to travel the same route or even just a stretch of road.

BePooler makes its platform available free of charge to facilitate home-university travel for the entire Politecnico di Milano community.

How to try it in preview?

To be among the first to experience this service, you can apply as an Ambassador. The first 20 candidates will be able to participate in an hour of online training and will use car pooling in advance, obtaining several benefits:

  • a free t-shirt from the Official Merchandise of Politecnico di Milano
  • a free car wash at home
  • participation in the draw for some discount codes for complete car sanitation at home

Ambassadors will also be able to communicate suggestions and feedback on the service to BePooler and will be testimonials of a message of sustainability to the entire university. To apply and get more information:

What are the benefits?

Sharing your home-university journeys with colleagues and classmates gives several benefits, from the reduction of traffic and pollution to economic advantages, up to parking facilities.

In particular:

  • Sharing of travel expenses calculated through a kilometer rate of € 0.30 / km. 10% of the cost will be retained by BePooler in the form of a fee.
  • "Friendly trip" function: the drivers will be able to offer free rides, without any travel expenses being charged and without paying the BePooler fee.
  • Reservation and free parking at the 48 parking spaces dedicated to BePooler users within the Milan interchange car parks: Molino Dorino, Caterina da Forlì, Cascina Gobba, Famagosta and Rogoredo Santa Giulia.
  • Reserved parking spaces within the Milanese campuses: 6 at Leonardo campus and 4 at Bovisa. This service is reserved exclusively for University staff.

Furthermore, platform users will be able to take advantage of additional discounts and concessions for the following services:

  • Car wash at home thanks to Wash Out S.r.l. available in the cities of Milan, Rome, Turin and Florence.
  • Entrance to the Splash & Spa Tamaro SA water park and spa, located in Rivera, Canton Ticino, Switzerland.
  • Safe driving courses provided by ACI Vallelunga S.p.A.

To encourage sustainable mobility during this particular moment, it will be possible to experiment this new service with the precautions provided for by the provisions in force.

How does it work?

To access the service, you need to download the free BePooler App, register via the institutional e-mail box with domain or and enter the code POLIMI001 for professors, researchers or technical and administrative staff and POLIMI002 for students. In this way BePooler will guarantee access to the community dedicated to Politecnico di Milano.