Orchestra sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi

What is this?

Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi was born in 1993 thanks to Vladimir Delman and Luigi Corbani with the aim of giving Milan and Lombardy a reference point for the great symphonic repertoire. Its first venue was La Sala Verdi of Milan Conservatory, then moved to Teatro Lirico and finally to the Auditorium of Milan. In 2002 it became a Foundation, with the aim of promoting musical culture and forming a new, varied audience, thanks to a heterogeneous programme.

What are the benefits?

La Verdi offers Politecnico community discounted tickets on different shows:

  • for students under 35: reduced tickets at 15 € for the Symphonic Season and for the concerts of the Pops review, reduced tickets at 13 € for the concerts of the review Concerti Ristretti, reduced tickets at 10 € for the concerts of the review Musica & Scienza, reduced tickets at 14 € (sector A), at 10 € (sector B-C-D) and at 8 € (sector E) for the concerts of the review Musica da Camera at Teatro Gerolamo.
  • for professors and staff: 35% discount on the price of full tickets

The discount can be extended to a maximum of one accompanying person.
For more information on the 2023-24 programme: https://indd.adobe.com/view/7479abaa-30eb-46f8-b3f1-cb4e2e72eef2.

How does it work?

To enjoy the benefits you need tho show at the ticket office your university badge/card.
You can buy the tickets at the ticket office at Auditorium di Milano - Largo Gustav Mahler,  through your email, using your institutional mail (@polimi.it - @mail.polimi.it)  and writing to prenotazioni@laverdi.org, indicating the show you chose, the date and the participants names, or online on Vivaticket. In this case checks may be carried out when entering the room.

For further information


For information on the shows and promotions: prenotazioni@laverdi.org

For information on the agreement: communitylife@polimi.it