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MIMOTO is the first electric scooter sharing service in Milan, even though it is much much more: Mimoto is the easiest solution on two wheels. It is very effective, quick and green in order to move around the city. 

  1. It is easy first because it is keyless since the scooter can be started just with a few clicks via App. It is simple and immediate because the user can book and choose the nearest scooter.
  2. Last but not least, it is one of the cheapest sharing services in town. By using MiMoto you will avoid traffic and therefore the trip will be much more cost effective than any other service.
  3. It is green because it is completely electric and, therefore, it totally respects the environment avoiding any kind of pollution. 

MIMOTO really is the best solution to every city burden since it consists in a free-floating service: choose the vehicle and leave it wherever you want, without having to think about where to find charging stations or where to park the scooter. The service guarantees fully charged batteries and covers insurance! 

How get the discount?

  • enter the code "polimimoto"
  • subscribe using the Politecnico's institutional mail
  • select Politecnico in the universities list

Please visit www.mimoto.it in order to find out more.