GoVolt is a free floating electric scooter sharing service designed to make a strong contribution to the sustainable mobility of Milan. 

Govolt's scooters, marked ME, are all you need in the city to get around freely and with zero emissions. 

The service is "free flow".

The scooters are always loaded and available thanks to the buddies scooter team who take care of the technical maintenance, the charge and the cleaning of the vehicle. 

GoVolt scooters can be booked via the App, available for iOS and Android. With the silent and emission-free driving, you can easily move around the city, enter the area C for free, walk the lanes reserved for Buses and Taxis. 

Register with your institutional mailbox to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • completely free registration at the time of registration + 6 € free credit;
  • 20% discount on the fare each time;

To obtain more suggestions is it possible to visit: