GoGoBus is a bus sharing startup that wants to aggregate all travelers interested in the same destination and organize the bus journey: convenient, economical, fun and sustainable.

In particular, GoGoBus offers to the population of the Politecnico:

  • € 10 discount for the first booking on the site;
  • € 5 discount for the second booking on the site.

To take advantage of the offer just connect to the site www.gogobus.it and register using the University email, then the user can choose the trip he prefers and start booking by entering the reserved discount codes, one used for the first reservation that will bring back the discount of € 10 and one usable for the second one to which the discount of € 5 will be applied. The codes can be used only once and are valid until the end of the agreement.

Do you want to know the discount codes reserved for you and get more information about the service? Click here: https://www.gogobus.it/it/viaggi-scontati-polimi