What is it?

Deliveroo is a company born in 2013 that offers a food delivery service.

In Italy it works with more than 7.000 restaurants and 7.500 riders, it offers more than 25 different types of cuisine. At the beginning of 2020 it was present in more than 150 cities.

What are the benefits?

Deliveroo offers the Politecnico community:

  • discounted rate on delivery costs that never exceed € 2.50 throughout the country.
  • If the delivery rate on the app is less than € 2.50, the lower rate will be applied.
  • Restaurants that deliver independently, the so-called MarketPlacePlus, and some places that have a distance greater than normal between partner restaurants and inhabited centers are excluded.
  • Priority Orders: average delivery time 30 minutes
  • dedicated customer service and operators available at any time of the day
  • welcome voucher for the first 400 polimi members that can be activated using the discount code sent by email. Each voucher will have a value of € 5.00 on a minimum purchase of € 15.00 and it will be spendable within 12 months of issue. The voucher will be sent within a few days of activating the profile
  • thanks to the Member gets Member PoliMi campaign, each subscriber can invite, through the form provided by Deliveroo, a new subscriber, obtaining € 10.00 each for himself and the new subscriber. The form will be available in the next months

How does it work?

To enjoy the benefits dedicated to students and employees of Politecnico di Milano, it is necessary:

  • to subscribe to the form by institutional email for students or for employees.
  • to activate the account through the invitation that will be sent within 24-48 hours of the request on the email entered
  • to download the Deliveroo application on your mobile phone or access directly from the website
  • enter the delivery address and proceed with the payment
  • always tick "use company credit" to apply the "POLIMI FLAT" convention

For further information


For technical support: support(at)

For information on the agreement: communitylife(at)