Politecnico di Milano has stipulated a special agreement with Enjoy that will allow Politecnico students and employees to receive a discount on Enjoy vehicle sharing service. With Enjoy you can travel through the city easily and quickly, entering, with some restrictions, in limited traffic zones (ZTLs) and parking your vehicle free of charge on blue paid parking spaces. Enjoy is available in Milano, Firenze, Roma, Torino and Bologna.

How does it works?
Signup to Enjoy online or through the App. Find your nearest vehicle by checking the map, book it, keep it as long as you want and pay only for how much you use it. By entering your University email: @polimi.it or @mail.polimi.it you will automatically receive a 2 eurocent/min discount compere a standard price of 25 eurocent/min.

There are three possible ways to activate the promotion:

  1. New clients may sign up with @polimi.it or @mail.polimi.it in order to get the promotion;
  2. For clients already registered to Enjoy with a University email, the promotion will be activated automatically;
  3. Clients already registered to Enjoy with a private email, in order to get the promotion, may modify the login email address directly on Enjoy home page.

Discover the vehicle sharing service and change the way you travel through the city with Enjoy.

Found out more on: https://enjoy.eni.com/en/milano/home