When to submit the Study Plan

Deadlines for submitting the Study Plan and making any half-year changes are indicated in the "Deadlines" section and vary according to the School and Study Programme. 

Attention: if you are a first-year student of the Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) Study Programme in Architectural Design or of the Single Cycle 5 years (equivalent to Master of Science) Study Programme in Building Engineering - Architecture, you must NOT enter the Study Plan at the beginning of the year because it will be automatically entered.

If you complete the OFA (Additional Educational Obligations) after the submission deadline of the Study Plan, you can, in any case, submit another one in late. In this case, there will be limitations in its composition with reference to the submission date indicated on the "Deadlines" section .

Additional payment for delayed Plan submission

Failure or delay in Study Plan submission implies an additional payment of 100.00€, which will be charged on the amount of the second instalment of tuition fees.

Academic Year 2021/2022