What is the Study Plan?

The Study Plan (PDS) is the list of educational activities (exams, laboratories, other activities) that the student can carry out during each academic year; it has to be submitted – in any case – within the deadlines indicated in the "Deadlines" section through the Online Services tool.

Laurea Programmes (+ Laurea Magistrale Programme in Architectural Engineering)

The Study Plan is valid for one year. This means that every year, you must include in your Plan the request for new courses/educational activities and courses of previous years that you have not yet passed.

Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) Study programmes

For Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) Study programmes, it will be enough to enter the courses/educational activities only once in the Study Plan and these, if you do not pass the exam, will remain for the following years. An exception are the course Laboratories provided by School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering that, if not passed, must be inserted once again in the Study plan.

You can confirm the Recommended Study Plan (which includes about 60 ECTS of courses) proposed by the system, or modify it in accordance with the limitations provided by the Educational Rules of your Study Programme; to know all details you can ask to your School.

  • suggested Study Plan is the educational plan suggested in the Educational Rules of the Study Programme. The plan is automatically validated at the end of the presentation period provided
  • independent Study Plan is the educational plan different from the "Standard" one defined by the Educational Rules. In this case, the plan will be evaluated by the Study Programme Board in order to be approved

After submission, the plan must be approved; The study plan can be approved only after the deadline of the presentation temporary session closure, after approval, the plan will include the courses that you want to attend, plus you can also attend lectures, participate to exercises or practical and additional activities (workshops, seminars, projects ...), you can enroll to ongoing and exam tests.

During the whole university career, in order to complete the Study Programme, it is necessary to insert in the Study Plan - and pass - exams that are consistent with the provisions of the Educational Rules of the Study Programme, for a total number of ECTS equal to: 

  • 180 for Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) Study Programmes
  • 120 for Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) Study Programmes
  • 300 for 5 Year Single Cycle Programme

Academic Year 2021/2022