OFA - Additional Educational Obligations

COVID-19 Emergency: English Language Certifications Recognised from Remote
Due to the current restrictions related to the COVID-19 emergency, special remote English language certification tests are now being offered.

To obtain english certification for the admission to the Master Degree and to remove OFA- ENG
- ETS started organising TOEFL Special Home Edition tests on 23 March 2020 - For more information
- EAS, the official TOEIC distributor and test centre, is organising TOEIC tests from remote in Italy - For more information
- British Language Services / Linguaviva the official TOEIC distributor and test centre in Italy, is organising TOEIC tests from remote - For more information

Another possibility to remove the OFA ENG is:
- Language Academy organizes remote testing in video conferencing - For more information
- EAS the official TOEIC distributor and test centre, is organising Redesigned TOEIC BRIDGE@home tests from remote in Italy - For more information 
British Language Services/ Linguaviva organizes test from Home via Remote Proctoring - For more information
- The British Institutes organizes online tests: use of English - listening - writing that can be taken at  home and video conferences for the speaking part, with a student's identity verification, in order to confirm (or not) the online result - Further information

The Additional Educational Obligations (OFA) are assigned to a freshman if any weakness is found in his/her basic education. The student is required to recover these weaknesses (through the fulfilment of OFA) during the academic year and according to the methods described in the following pages.

Attention: the assignment of OFA implies restrictions in the compilation of the Study Plan. These restrictions remain active until the student recovers the OFA. If the OFA are fulfilled after the deadline provided for submitting the Study Plan, the student can still submit one with limitations.