Suspension of study

Academic year 2021/2022

During your university career, you can make a request (only once) to temporarily suspend your study. This suspension period is not included in the calculation of withdrawal from studies and it cannot be:

  • higher than the normal duration of the study programme: 3 years for Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science), 2 years for Laurea magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science)
  • lower than one academic year

During the suspension period, you cannot attend didactic activities, you cannot participate in the assessment tests; obtain changes of programme, transfers or other administrative measures, you cannot obtain financial aid. Furthermore, for the whole suspension period, you cannot register to exams. If you are a student with non-EU citizenship, you will not be able to get useful certificates to the issuing of the residence permit .

How to request for suspension of study

You can submit a suspension request from 1st October to 31st December.

  • Download and fill in the form available on this Web site (section Forms), with details about reason and period of the request
  • Submit to the Registrar’s Office the form properly filled with a stamp duty of 16.00€

If you decide to bring personally the application, remember to bring with you an identity document. You may delegate a trustworthy person, through an authorization with your signature and a copy of your identity document.

If you prefer to deliver the application and the stamp duty, please send it to the Protocol office in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32 – 20133 Milano, include the address of the Registrar’s Office (by indicating also the Campus your study programme belongs to) and the copy of the identity document.

If you do not resume your studies within the maximum period of suspension, you will lose the student status.

Attention: If you have already asked for administrative acts in the current academic year (e.g. you have already paid the first instalment of university tuition fees, you have already submitted the Study Plan, you have already taken part in evaluation tests, etc.), you cannot apply for suspension from the current academic year.


If you want to resume your studies after a period of interruption, you must contact the Registrar’s Office to request that the amount of the payment be made available in the Online Services. We suggest you to regularize your position within the deadline provided for payment of 1st instalment of the ongoing academic year tuition fees, in order to not pay the additional late payment for payment of 1st instalment in late.

Attention: it is possible to resume your studies only if your condition is not of "loss of student status".


The total amount is calculated by the sum of:

  • 254.00€ for each academic year of interruption ("diritto fisso di ricongiunzione")
  • any missing payments related to your last registration before interruption of studies (including any additional payment)
  • tuition fees and contributions of the ongoing academic year