Loss of student status

Academic year 2023/2024

Loss of students status is a condition that implies to not continue the university career started by the student.
A student loses the student status in one of the following conditions.

Failure to renew the enrolment

The student does not renew the enrollment for a number of academic years equal to the normal duration of the Study Programme, without submitting a request for suspension from study.

Failure to obtain at least one positive evaluation

The student, during the two previous years, did not even pass an exam and did not apply for suspension from study.

Exceeding maximum number of years of enrolment

The student has not acquired all the educational credits (ECTS) provided by his/her Study Programme (except those related to the final exam) within a specified period. The calculation of this period, after that the condition of loss of student status is applied, is not based on academic years, but on the "weighed years", through a calculation that gives to each academic year a different weight according to the number of ECTS acquired by the student in that year.


  • an academic year where the student included from 60 to 80 ECTS in the study plan is calculated as "1 weighed year"
  • an academic year where the student included from 31 to 59 ECTS in the study plan is equal to the number of ECTS/60
  • an academic year where the student included up to 30 ECTS in the study plan is calculated as “half weighed year"

The period to which the loss of student status is applied is 6 weighed years for Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) Programmes, 4 weighed years for Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) Programmes. The academic year in which you first reach this threshold will be the last one in which you can register and take the missing exams; at the end of that academic year, you will lose the student status.

You only have to access the Online Services > Career - Career > to view the number of ECTS acquired during each academic year, the number of corresponding weighed years and the total of weighed years.

For the purpose of loss of student status, also previous periods of career and any change of programme or educational system are calculated.

Attention: it is not possible to provide in advance when the loss of student status is applied, because the progression of the number of missing weighted years depends on the number of ECTS that you will insert in the Study Plan of the next academic years.

A student doesn't lose the student status if he has passed all the exams provided in his study plan and he's in default only of the degree exam or the CFU related to the final exam.

Resumption of studies

If you lost your student status, you cannot resume and continue the past university career, but you can start a new career, by registering again for a study programme activated by Politecnico di Milano: in this case, you can also request the evaluation of the previous career, in order to obtain the possible recognition of courses previously acquired and their (total or partial) validation of the related ECTS. The procedures to be followed to register again after a withdrawal are shown on the section dedicated to future students​​​​​​​; you will not be charged of any previous recognition tuition fees. Students who have lost the student status and re-enroll cannot apply for a change, transfer or suspension of study.

International students

If you are an international student, with a valid residence permit, the loss of student status implies the loss of requirements to stay. Therefore, if you intend to proceed with a new registration, you need to apply for a new student visa.