Whom the special exam sessions of November are addressed to - The special exam sessions of November 2022 are reserved for students who meet the criteria listed below:

  • They are enrolled in the AY 2021/2022 in a Master's programme, or 5-year single-cycle programme and they are not enrolled in the AY 2022/2023
  • They have a “complete” study plan 2021/2022 and they are in default of one required exam only, active or extra (traineeship and final exam are not considered for this purpose)
  • They are registered for the December 2022 graduation exam session

When do they take place the exams
For all schools from Friday 4 to Tuesday 8 November 2022.

When to request the activation
From Monday 26 September 2022 to Sunday 16 October 2022 interested students can request the activation of the special exam session using the special function of the Online Services (service "Exam Registration"). The activation request made in this phase counts also as registration to examination. Applications for the activation of the special exam session may be submitted also before registering for the December graduation session.

When they are published
The dates of exam sessions will be published by the Dean’s Offices starting from Thursday 27th October 2022 in the student’s personal page.

When to register for exam sessions
Students who requested the activation of the special exam session do not have to register, since the activation request automatically entails the registration.

Students who are about to graduate and meet all the requirements will be able to make new registrations to the published exam sessions, in compliance with the usual methods and deadlines.

Caution- The registration for the special session of November is allowed to all students who are about to graduate and who meet the above conditions. At the end of the registration period scheduled for each special exam session, all students who do not meet all conditions (for example, in case of request of activation of special exam session not followed by the registration to the graduation exams of December) will be automatically deleted from the list.