In order to provide students with the necessary time to complete their thesis work, which may have been slowed down by health emergency provisions, the April Master's degree examination call has been extended by another day: in addition to the dates of 27 (other campuses) and 28 April (Milan), an extraordinary examination will be held on Wednesday 9 June (for all campuses).

The date of 9 June is to be considered, for the purposes of student contributions, equivalent to that of April and will only be useful for students who have enrolled within the timeframe of the April Degree Exam session.

Graduating students must meet established deadlines, by registering for the exam session from 15/3/2021 to 9/4/2021.

Students and lecturers are advised to respect these deadlines, no exceptions will be made.

Students who believe they will be able to graduate in April are required to submit their theses:

  • by 1/4/2021 if they have a thesis with a discussant
  • by 8/4/2021 if they have a thesis without a discussant

Supervisors may "approve" or "postpone" the thesis:

  • by 7/4/2021 if with a discussan
  • by 15/4/2021 if without a discussan

Students enrolled for the April exam dates who need more time to complete their thesis and plan to graduate in June, and those whose thesis has been "postponed" by the supervisor, are required to file the thesis, with or without a discussant, by 17/05/2021 (thesis validation deadline: 24/5/2021).

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