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Politecnico di Milano establishes and draws up a list of economic operators for the identification of parties to be consulted for the award of services and below-threshold procurement through negotiated procedure, pursuant to Art. 36, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree No. 50/2016.

The list of economic operators is set up electronically by means of the “SINTEL” Electronic List of Suppliers, the Online E-Procurement System of the Region of Lombardy - and its Electronic List of Suppliers.

For access to and participation in the Politecnico di Milano’s list of economic operators, the tools and information systems provided for SINTEL access are used and are available at the following address:

Politecnico di Milano therefore invites interested economic operators to apply for registration in Politecnico di Milano’s List of Suppliers for goods and services through the SINTEL system.

Those eligible for registration in the List of Economic Operators are economic operators who are not in situations that exclude them from participation in tender procedures under Art. 80 of Legislative Decree No. 50/2016.

The List is used by the different University structures for the selection of suppliers to be invited to negotiated procedures for the provision of below-threshold works, goods and services pursuant to Art. 36, paragraph 2, of the Public Procurement Code, and in accordance with the principles of transparency, of rotation, of equal treatment, of non-discrimination, of impartiality and of proportionality in addition to the effectiveness, the efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of the administrative action.

The List is always open throughout its duration for the registration of economic operators that possess the requirements laid down by the Regulations. 

Registration to Politecnico di Milano’s Electronic List of Suppliers is effective for the entire duration of the list, subject to maintaining the requirements laid down for the registration and the renewal of the related declarations and documentation submitted for registration.

Where Politecnico di Milano intends to make use of the List for the purposes of Art. 36 of the Public Procurement Code, the registered economic operators will be consulted without further forms of advertising.

Recourse to the List for the award of supply procurement will always take place and, in any case, in compliance with applicable legislation on the obligation to make use of the PA Electronic Market by CONSIP and the agreements entered into by CONSIP spa.

Registration on the List does not involve the award of any contract, it does not imply rights or expectations of any kind in favour of the economic operator, nor does it establish an entitlement to the award of supplies or services and neither is Politecnico di Milano bound in any way towards the registered economic operators.

The List of Economic Operators based on the “SINTEL” Electronic List of Suppliers enters into force from 15th June 2016 with the simultaneous repeal of Politecnico di Milano’s List of Suppliers, established by notice of 23rd April 2010.

Code of Conduct

It should be noted that, pursuant to art. 2 of D.P.R. 62/2013, companies supplying goods and services are required to comply and disclose within their organization the Code of Conduct for public employees, during the performance of the outsourced activities.

Code of Conduct (pdf)

We invite all companies registered in the Elenco Fornitore of Politecnico di Milano (Suppliers List) to take a look and to give the widest possible dissemination among their employees.


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