• On line Session: 15th to 19th March 2021

Athens courses offered in March 2021 on line session:

  • POLI09_bis Modernity and Critic Modernity and Warm modernity. Architectural Concept and landscape icon - Prof. Ingrid Paoletti, Prof. Maddalena D'alfonso
  • POLI25 Using the geographical information systems for the quantitative and qualitative landscape analysis – prof. Alessandra Pandolfi
  • POLI34 Where interior design meets Fashion. Italian Style, Prof. Alessandra Pandolfi, Prof. Marta Conconi
  • POLI37 Global warming and post-expo Milan! – Prof. Arian Heidari Afshari
  • POLI40 Social impact of technology: how design Iot and Analytics applications - Prof. Giambattista Gruosso
  • POLI41 Flying Architecture. Simulation of Flocks' Behavioral Strategies to Generate Complex Skins - Prof. Alessandra Zanelli

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The courses will be on line.

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