Students remunerated collaboration activities (150 hours positions, tutoring)

As part of the actions taken under the "Right to Education" scheme, the University annually publishes specific competition announcements for the awarding of part-time positions to students. The aim of these positions is to enable students to conduct temporary and occasional activities supporting the services provided by the university, including tutoring activities. The students eligible for these positions are students enrolled in the university's courses and possessing particular requirements as specified in the individual competition announcements.

The hourly fee is as follows: 10.00€ for students of a Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) or single-cycle five-year degree with academic credits (CFUs) <180; 13.00€ for students of a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) or single-cycle five-years degree with academic credits (CFUs) ≥ 180. This fee is exempt from income tax (IRPEF) and from the regional tax on production activities (IRAP).

Tutoring activities are managed independently by the individual Schools. "Servizio diritto allo studio e mobilità internazionale" liaises with the individual schools for all administrative issues. The procedures for awarding tutoring activities are the same as those adopted for other part-time positions.

Call for applications for tutoring of students - Academic year 2022/2023, 2nd semester

Call for applications for peer-to-peer tutoring activities - Academic year 2022/2023, 2nd semester

Call for applications for student part-time activities - year 2023

Submission of application: from 10 October and up to 12.00 (Italian time) on 4 November 2022

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