Free Movers

“Free Movers” are students who have international mobility and independently organize their period of study abroad. This mobility is not tied to an exchange project organized by the Politecnico di Milano, for example, Erasmus. It therefore occurs outside current agreements between the Politecnico di Milano and partner sites and the call for International mobility.

“Free Mover” mobility may be used to sit exams or to conduct thesis work, with different requirements for the candidacy process and approval from the Programme.

In the first case, the mobility may not be used for a site that has an exchange agreement with the Politecnico for the School in which the student is registered.

For more information about the rules and limitations for “Free Mover” mobility, consult the University guidelines and possible further indications from your School.

The request for “Free Mover” mobility should be presented through the designated function in Online Services.

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