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Nursery school and other services

The university has a nursery school on the Leonardo Campus at 17 Via Valvassori Peroni (with capacity for 25 children aged between 3 months and 3 years) and a micro-nursery on the Bovisa Campus at 72 Via Candiani (with capacity for 10 children aged between 3 months and 3 years).

On the basis of the number of girls and boys enrolled, the nursery school is divided into two sections: the "small sections", which welcome girls and boys from 3 to 15 months; the "medium/large sections", which welcome girls and boys from 16 to 36 months.

The nurseries are open for 11 months, from September to July, with the additional option of a pre-maternity service upon request.

You can visit the the nurseries by appointment by calling 02 2399 2146 (Leonardo nursery) or 02 2399 5724 (Bovisa nursery).

Additional places are also available at the affiliated nursery “Il Bello dei Bimbi”, a private micro-nursery located at 56 Via Pascoli. To visit the nursery write to 

Access to the university/affiliated nurseries is subject to participation in a public call for applications issued in March each year. The call for applications indicates the criteria for participation, the required documents, and the fee brackets (subject to submission of the household financial situation “subject to submission of the household financial situation ISEE or a document called “ISEEU parificato” if you’ve income or assets abroad (more information: how submit the request for the “ISEEU parificato”). The nurseries are open to internal and external customers, with priority given to applications from Politecnico staff and students. For students, temporary research fellows and PhD students, the nursery care is free, as it is fully covered by the 'POP' Plan.

For our regional campuses, we have ad hoc agreements with local nurseries: if you work on a Politecnico regional campus and would like to know about these opportunities, please write to:

In 2021, we also initiated agreements with a private nursery for the entire Politecnico community: Politecnico staff and students will receive a 10% discount at “The Magic Barn” in 6 Via Illirico, Milan.

Babysitting services

In collaboration with the university's staff and nursery facilities, babysitting services can be provided for parents attending the Politecnico conferences.
In addition, for teaching and technical and administrative staff and members of the supplementary healthcare scheme Insieme Salute, there is a babysitter search service; for more information, contact /

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    Easter/Summer camps

    During school Easter and summer holidays, there is a childcare service for children aged from 4/5 yearsto 14 years (the minimum age for admission may vary depending on the activities). The Easter and summer camps are also open to employees of organisations affiliated with the Politecnico and to people from outside the university, subject to availability and with priority given to applications from Politecnico staff.

    Locations, activities, timetables
    The Easter and summer camps operating in the periods March/April and from June to September, respectively, each year are held at two locations:

    • Leonardocampus at the Giuriati Sports Centre at 6 Via Pascal, which makes its 390,000 square feet of floor space available each year for a very wide range of sporting activities led by a team of certified qualified professionals. For the enrolment at the Leonardo Campus  you can go to the reception of the Giuriati Sport Center. For children aged 6 and over is required the presentation of a medical certificate for non-competitive sport complete with ECG test
    • Bovisa campus, 72 Via Candiani, normally in the Design buildings, set up for workshop activities. There are also outdoor activities: volleyball court, the "Coltivando - l'orto conviviale al Politecnico di Milano" (communal vegetable garden at the Politecnico di Milano), outings to the swimming pool and much more

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