Interview with Giuseppe Sala


The polytechnic community is a wide community, united by the solid values of polytechnic culture and a clear vision of the future. Sharing is its strength, the vital impetus to strive for quality and critical mass to be competitive.

It is thanks to all those studying and working at the Politecnico that we are now the leading technical university in Italy and among the best universities in Europe.

Now, however, we need to widen our perspective. It is important that the Politecnico di Milano competes with the best international universities, not only in its own interest, but for the good of the wider community, from which we take and to which we contribute in a continuous virtuous circle.

What we are, in fact, goes far beyond the confines of our lecture halls, our offices, our campuses. We want to show that our community has a much broader reach that allows us to express a collective intelligence where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Where the skills and excellence of every individual contribute to the success of everyone. 

We have compiled some contributions from our stakeholders and partners, part of this new #comunitàpolitecnica.

This week: Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala