8.11.2023 12:30

Impronte Politecniche: Claudio Prati interviews Fabio Rocca

Eleventh episode of the series of interviews with Emeritus and Honorary Professors of Politecnico di Milano

"Obstacles are the beauty of things, because they mean that you have not found everything yet, so there is still something to do or to find. It can be people, it can be things. With people in the end you reach an agreement. With things it’s more difficult, because nature is always right”.

Professor Claudio Prati talks with Fabio Rocca, Emeritus Professor in Telecommunications at Politecnico di Milano, sketching the interesting and provocative personality of this great scientist and a great master.

Professor Rocca emphasises the importance of time and intellectual property protection in research; in the long period between the birth of an idea and its practical realisation, the support of a long-term vision is essential.

“Impronte Politecniche” is a series of video portraits in which Emeritus and Honorary Professors of the Politecnico tell their academic story in conversation with one of their students; from their beginnings to the present day, passing through the successes, challenges, anecdotes, places, teachers and students they have encountered along the way.
The term “footprint” is intended to suggest the lasting value of that which the Emeriti have achieved in their careers, but also the path they have taken and which they invite us to take, following in their footsteps towards the challenges of the future.