08.03.2018  14:00

Three Politecnico women at “Tempo di Libri” 

Carmen Giordano, Simona Chiodo and Camilla Colombo recount science lived from a female viewpoint 

Three Politecnico di Milano researchers narrated their personal stories on the first of day of “Tempo di Libri”, dedicated to women and to their essential presence in the world of culture. In a dialogue with journalist Cristina Lacava, they spoke of their studies, their passion for scientific research and their female-style professional itinerary.

Carmen Giordano is a bioengineer who currently coordinates the MINERVA project, funded by the European Union through an ERC Consolidator Grant. The study focuses on the microbiota-intestinal-brain axis, i.e., on the hypothetical link between human intestinal microflora and such neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer and Parkinson. For these researches, two labs have been set up at the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering «Giulio Natta».

Camilla Colombo is an aerospace engineer, and she, too, has received an ERC grant, within the scope of the COMPASS project. Her studies focus on the development of methods to control and exploit the effect of orbital perturbations through the manoeuvres of solar engines or sails, thereby enabling a lower consumption of propellant by artificial satellites. She also deals with the design of trajectories for interplanetary missions, so that they do not come into collision with other celestial bodies. Lastly, she studies deviation missions concerning asteroids that might in future cause damages to our planet.

Simona Chiodo is a philosophy professor and researcher. Her fields of enquiry are aesthetics, especially such concepts as representation, beauty and architectural aesthetics; as well as epistemology, where she tackled in depth the relationship between aisthesis and episteme, empirical matrixes and epistemological dualism. In her latest book, Che cos’è un ideale (Carocci, 2016), she puts forward to us a stimulating reflection on the concept of “ideal”, analysing its aesthetic origin and its ethical destiny, exploring their impacts on Western identity and history, and delving into the relationship between reality and ideality.

Three women who once again teach us how the deep appeal of science might involve and lead to the attainment of high goals whoever is filled with passion and determination, regardless of sex.