29.11.2019  15:00

The BOOK-MOOC Archaeoastronomy finalist at the Reimagine Education Awards 2019

The innovative app designed by METID and Giulio Magli, which integrates augmented reality, MOOC and the book

“Archaeoastronomy: the science of stars and stones – an augmented BOOK-MOOC”, is among the finalists for the 2019 edition of the QS Reimagine Education Awards, in the category: VR/AR Award.

An app designed by METID, the Politecnico di Milano “Innovation Teaching and Learning” Task Force, with Professor Giulio Magli, professor of Archaeoastronomy, that integrates interactive models in augmented reality, MOOC Archaeoastronomy and the related book published by Springer.

Archaeoastronomy is a relatively new science that deals with the connection between astronomic phenomena and the design of many ancient monuments. This product integrates different strategies, methodologies, and tools to allow the wider public understand the complex phenomena that characterize a discipline like archaeoastronomy.

But what is an “augmented” book? By “augmenting” a book, you connect various online resources, videos and 3D models with one another, via a web app. “Augmenting” a book allows the readers to enjoy an experience of complete learning, and to attain effective, long-lasting knowledge, irrespective of their cultural background and their knowledge goals.

An augmented BOOK-MOOC needs a mobile device - smartphone or tablet - to display all the tools provided, and to allow the users to use various types of content: hard-copy printed (to be read, underlined, and make notes on), video lectures (to watch and listen to), and virtual 3D models (to manipulate, rotate, light up, and manage in space and time), as well auxiliary tools that can include animations, quizzes, connections, and exercises.

Such a wide range of experiences allows readers to become active explorers, approaching the knowledge from various perspectives.

At the same time, Reimagine Education is a conference and worldwide competition that brings together educators and professors, start-up EdTech, universities, investors, and anyone who is transforming the world of education.

Our project was selected from among more than 1500 international candidacies, and will be presented at the Reimagine Education Conference in London on 9 December 2019. The following day, the winners will be announced at the final awards event.