10.05.2018  14:00

Support the Politecnico di Milano with your 5x1000

All it takes is a signature to finance our researchers’ social responsibility projects

Donating your 5x1000 to the Politecnico di Milano is a small gesture but it is a very important one for us, since it helps finance projects of enormous social value.

In fact, the funds you donate go straight to Polisocial, the first initiative in Italy, around since 2012, for academic social responsibility.

Polisocial aims to place the University at the dynamic centre of social development, helping its mission reach issues and needs that have arisen from both a local and a more global standpoint. The initiative promotes and encourages a new multidisciplinary approach which focuses on human and social development, expanding learning opportunities and the chance to benefit from new exchanges and research for students, young researchers, teachers, administration, technical personnel and the University’s network as a whole.

The aim is to revolutionise research and education, to build up a new, more responsible approach and develop skills and new values for future generations of professionals and citizens who will be more aware and prepared to take on ethical challenges.

Every year, during the Polisocial Awards, the most interesting projects in terms of their purpose are chosen and assigned the 5x1000 funds.These are the winning projects from the last edition. Click on each project to read more about them:

TEEN / Teenagers Experience the Empowerment by Numbers / Strengthening mathematical and logical thought processes in order to teach young immigrants who live within the community self-dependence and citizenship

LudoMi / Multisensorial “Smart” Game Room for disabled children in Milan’s suburbs 

SCaR - Scuola Attiva Risorse / Reconstitute the dispersive heritage throughout the suburbs 

WRP – West Road Projects / A tool for activating networks and public spaces throughout the dispersive suburbs

SIVEQ –  Sistema Integrato di Valorizzazione delle Eccedenze alimentari nel Quartiere / An integrated system for giving value to excess food in a particular neighbourhood

EnerPOP – Energia Popolare / Energy education for bringing communities together

M.O.S.T. of Pioltello / focusing on Migration Over the Satellite Town of Pioltello

To help us make a difference, all it takes is a signature in the “Funds for scientific research and Universities” on your tax return and insert the Cod. Fisc. (tax code) for the Politecnico di Milano: 80057930150.