20.11.2023 15:20

Opening of the 161st Academic Year

A tale of innovation looking to the future with Artificial Intelligence

Politecnico di Milano was established on 29 November 1863 and this year celebrates its 160th anniversary, a milestone that marks a path of innovation, education and research in which the University has made significant contributions to the technological, social and economic development of Italy. 

Today, on the occasion of this anniversary, Politecnico continues to look forward, establishing itself as a reference point for innovation, and in this historical moment, innovation means Artificial Intelligence.

160 years of history have taught us that true innovation is based on an awareness of the past and a vision of the future.

Rector of Politecnico di Milano Donatella Sciuto says.

Today, more than ever, we are called upon to design the future, to lead the change and to respond to the global challenges ahead. Politecnico di Milano has been involved in the study of AI for over 50 years. Our University has established itself as a major centre for Artificial Intelligence, with a transversal and pervasive approach within all areas of research and innovation. Artificial Intelligence represents a paradigm shift, and as a University we have a responsibility to educate new generations in the conscious use of knowledge.

In addition to Rector Donatella Sciuto, the opening ceremony of the 161st Academic Year was also attended by Veronica Marrocu, President of the Student Board at Politecnico di Milano; Mariarosaria Taddeo, Professor in Digital Ethics and Defence Technologies at Oxford University; Roberto Viola, Director General for Digital Policies at the European Commission; Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan; Attilio Fontana, President of the Lombardy Region; Iliana Ivanova, Commissioner for Innovation Research Culture Education and Youth at the European Commission.

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