29.04.2022 15:50

World record set by PoliMOVE team

Never before has a car driven by artificial intelligence alone been this fast

The Dallara AV-21 programmed by the PoliMOVE Autonomous Racing Team is the first autonomous racecar to exceed 300 kph speed: it ran at 309,3 kph on the straight of the Space Shuttle airstrip at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.

The speed of 309.3 kph was obtained as an average of over 1 km in two consecutive attempts in opposite directions (to eliminate the effects of the wind). The Politecnico was the only team to attempt this, thanks to their victory in Las Vegas in the Indy Autonomous Challenge.

PoliMOVE is part of the Politecnico research group mOve, led by Professor Sergio Savaresi, which has been studying for 20 years automatic controls in all types of land vehicles: from electric bicycles to cars and even tractors. On 7 January 2022, the PoliMOVE team from the Politecnico di Milano won the Indy Autonomous Challenge in Las Vegas, the first head-to-head race between cars driven by artificial intelligence.