27.11.2019  15:00

Laboratories open for Robotics 2019

Once again this year, Politecnico di Milano opens its laboratories to visitors on the occasion of the Robotics Week

During the European Robotics Week, on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November, the Politecnico di Milano opened its Robotics Laboratories to the public.

Robotics has been one of Politecnico’s main lines of research since 1973, and our studies in this sector involve various departments.

The Electronics, Information, and Bioengineering Department (DEIB) has research teams that specialize in artificial intelligence, and autonomous, industrial, and medical robotics.

In 2019 all of these multi-disciplinary skills were combined in a single large new laboratory, the POLIMI Leonardo Robotics Labs. This laboratory prepared a path that shows the projects our researchers are actively working on.

The Mechanical Engineering Department (DMEC) engages in research into designing innovative robots, controlling them, and interaction of human operators with robots.

The M&SSlab - Mechatronics and Smart Structures Lab, uses a cobot (collaborative robot) to show new forms of interaction between man and robots, that make carrying out complex tasks easier, while making collaboration more enjoyable and immediate.

Each year, the European Robotics Week offers the general public throughout Europe various robot-related activities, highlighting the growing importance of this discipline, in a wide range of fields of application.

The Week also aims at attracting students of all ages to technological training and a career in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines.