14.05.2019  10:00

FIT in Milan Runway Show 2019

Nine graduating students from New York’s FIT present their end-of-course creations

On 8 May the Via Candiani Campus hosted Future of Fashion, the fashion show that concludes the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design, with nine graduating students from the FIT in MILAN programme, New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology’s “campus abroad”. Every year the prestigious American university offers a number of its students the opportunity to spend one or two academic years in the Italian fashion capital, at our School of Design.

The work is the highlight of the four-year course taught between New York and Milan. The final collections express the students’ own personal concept of fashion and philosophy.

The students worked closely with design professors and critics from the sector, formulating ideas and creating a small collection. They handled the entire production cycle for their pieces, from developing the concept through to final manufacture, starting with the paper pattern right through to packaging. They produced all the original printed fabrics, handwoven fabrics and electronically produced knitwear themselves.

The students and their collections are:

Milan Ball / In the beginning / Sportswear

Inspired by the biblical creation: portraying the lack of form. Milan Ball aimed to close this chapter of her life by looking forward to the new beginnings ahead of her.

Hunter Brokaw / Sublime desire / Knitwear

Sublime breaks the limitations of everyday life. As an expression of art and nature, Sublime changes the substance of our daily existence.

Carolyn Ferreira / The wanderer / Knitwear

The Wanderer collection represents Carolyn’s personal journey of the places she has lived in and travelled through. An exploration of human nature that embodies the spirit of the Modern Nomad.

Felicia Lynch / Vamped in viscose / Knitwear

In life, we are always looking backwards or forwards, the different lives we have lived, could have lived or will live. The collection evokes ancient and modern cycling.

Paola Montes / Echoes / Knitwear

Three important cities have shaped her life as a designer – Los Angeles, New York and Milan. This collection combines artisanal ingenuity with technological advances in electronic knitting.

Fuxiang Cathy Qu / Oscillation / Knitwear

Inspired by the mathematical theory of circles, the collection moves between the imperfect and the infinite.

Carmela Smith / Odyssey of change / Sportswear

The project explores the idea of embarking on a new journey. The collection is based on the concept of being prepared for the future. The unexpected often happens.

Shaughna-Kay Todd / Paranarciss / Sportswear

An exploration of the places in the various stages of her life, a self-reflective adventure. Mirrors compel us to take control of the past and present, beyond narcissism.

Melanie Wong / American born Chinese / Knitwear

The plight of feeling out of place is a continuous quest for unattainable approval. The collection aims to redefine the ambiguity, fluidity and confusion of existence from a cultural perspective.

FIT – Fashion Institute of Technology and the Politecnico di Milano launched a collaborative agreement in 2007. The FIT International Fashion Design in Milan programme (FIT in MILAN) offers design students the opportunity to study abroad and acquire a global perspective and experience. The FIT students live in Milan for one or two years, studying the FIT curriculum and integrated courses from the Politecnico di Milano. Off-campus academic activities include visits to sector trade fairs, production sites, museums, exhibitions and design studios.

Visits throughout the region provide an introduction to history, artisanal skills and Italian technical skills. As part of the exchange agreement, a select group of students from the Politecnico di Milano attend courses at the FIT campus in New York, where they complete a thesis project and show their pieces and portfolio.


Photo Credit © Laboratorio Immagine - Dipartimento di Design