04.12.2019  12:00

DAER OpenLabs

A day of open laboratories to learn about the world of aeronautical and aerospace research

On Saturday, November 30th, the laboratories of the Department of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies of the Politecnico di Milano were open to the public.

Once again, this year, the Daer OpenLabs initiative set out to bring children, teens and adults closer to science by showing them the technologies that lie behind the doors of our laboratories.

Nine teams of researchers helped many curious people of all ages to enjoy a fun and stimulating experience, discovering the world of aeronautics and aerospace research.

Participants took part in numerous interactive activities:

AERODYNAMICS | | Blown by the wind

CRASH LAB | Crash Test – Knockout engineering


TEST LAB | The world of flight

ASTRA SPACE | The Moon and beyond!

ASTRA SPACE | We are all rocket scientists!

COMPASS SPACE | Services and sustainability from Space

SPLAB | The conquest of Space: launch systems

TECHNOLOGY | Carbon structures become smart!

SKYWARD | Rocket design and construction