Exercise of Politecnico di Milano students at Italian Navy base

The Naval Aviation Test and Evaluation Centre in Luni hosted our aeronautical engineering students

Our Flight Testing students were involved in an intense exercise at Naval Air Station Luni, home to the Naval Aviation Test and Evaluation Centre (Centro Sperimentale Aeromarittimo, CSA) of the Italian Navy. The exercise consisted in flight tests for Handling Qualities evaluation on the full mission flight simulator of the EH101 ASW/ASuW helicopter. Students acted as Flight Test Engineers responsible for each test mission, flying alongside an expert test pilot.

The students, arranged in two-person teams, planned the tests and performed their missions sitting in the cockpit and in the control room in turns, gathering relevant data. Mission data post-processing was performed immediately after the simulator sessions. Helicopter capabilities and limitations were explored in a wide range of static and dynamic stability and control tests. The activity ended with a thorough presentation and discussion of test results in front of Politecnico di Milano teaching staff and CSA experts.

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EH101 helicopter