Call for DESIGNSCAPES open

First phase of competition for innovative solutions in urban environments open until 26 October

The call is open for DESIGNSCAPES, an H2020 European project in which the Politecnico di Milano participates. The aim is to exploit the generative potential of urban environments in the highest possible number of European cities to encourage the uptake and future extension of design innovation by companies, start-ups, public authorities and agencies and other urban stakeholders.

The search is on for innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of urban environments. The best innovations are design-enabled, user-centered, embedded into an urban environment and are practical and easily understood. 

Anyone wishing to resolve the challenges of urbanisation may respond to the call, particularly designers and creative business entrepreneurs. Both existing and completely new solutions may be submitted. 

We are still in the first phase, that of feasibility studies. The next phases will be prototypes and scalability proofs. The three phases are completely independent of one another: candidates may choose which phase of the competition to enter and winning one phase does not offer any advantage in successive phases. 

You have until 26 October to submit your application. Visit the official page for the call where you will find regulations, applicant guidelines and an online form to complete.