Politecnico di Milano is launching the third edition of the Master Class (MSCA EF MASTER CLASS 2020 @ POLIMI) for potential applicants to the MSCA - European Individual Fellowship call 2020.

The aim of the call is to attract and train young and talented researchers to successfully applying for MSCA European Fellowship with the Politecnico di Milano as host institution.

Candidates will be pre-selected based on their expression of interest, CV and motivation. Promising candidates will be invited to attend an in depth training course on the proposal writing through online webstreaming (10-11 June 2020), to have a virtual meeting with their supervisors and to make use of full support in the application writing process by POLIMI advisors.

Candidate fellows and supervisors will be guided throughout the whole application process with deadline on 9th September 2020. Only those who get funding through the European Commission’s MSCA IF program will be admitted to Politecnico di Milano.

Applications are open for the published 34 “Supervisors’ project proposals”.

Download supervisors project proposals

ENV_Environmental and Geosciences

POLIMI Research AreaDepartmentSupervisorProposal title
HealthDICAFrancesca MALPEIRole of EPS in biodegradation of contaminants of emerging
Territorial Fragilities; Health; Industry 4.0DCMCMarco ORMELLESESmart Coatings for metallic Structures under Cathodic Protection 

ENG_Information Science and Engineering

POLIMI Research AreaDepartmentSupervisorProposal title
Territorial FragilitiesDAERCamilla COLOMBOTowards space traffic management: assessment of Space congestion and capacity for control

Health; Industry 4.0

DMATPasquale CIARLETTAThe mechanical basis of morphogenetic size control and growth termination: translating design schemes from Nature to digital factory
Smart CitiesDENGMatteo MAESTRIFirst principles multiscale analysis of chemical processes for energy applications
Smart CitiesDENGMarco MUSSETTANowcasting development and integration in EMS for smart and micro grid optimization
Territorial FragilitiesDENGMatteo Vincenzo ROCCOWater and energy nexus modelling for policy assessment
HealthDCMCGabriele DUBINIMultiscale model of the liver circulation for the study of liver pathologies

Territorial Fragilities; Health; Industry 4.0

DCMCMarco ORMELLESESmart Coatings for metallic Structures under Cathodic Protection
Smart CitiesDEIBSergio M. SAVARESIInnovation in Smart Mobility 
HealthDEIBAlberto REDAELLINew trends in Wellbeing and  Healthcare 
Smart CitiesDEIBCristina SILVANO; Carlo FIORINIBig Data, Internet of Think and Sensing the World
Industry 4.0DEIBPaolo ROCCOInnovative tools on Industry 4.0 
Industry 4.0DIGMargherita PEROThe potential of Blockchain to enable Circular Economy: implications for supply chains and business models 
Smart CitiesDABCLorenzo MUSSONEUrban environment design towards autonomous vehicle mobility
Smart CitiesDABCMaria Pina LIMONGELLIDigitalization of bridge integrity management 
Smart CitiesDABCCinzia Maria Luisa TALAMOSmart Cities and advanced ICT-based service management
Cultural Heritage; Industry 4.0DICARoberto FEDELEImage-based characterization of materials and structures for forward and inverse modelling at different scales
Cultural Heritage; Smart CitiesDICALiberato FERRARAA durability assessment based design approach for structural cement based materials with self-healing functionalities
Industry 4.0DENGCarlo CASARIDevelopment of sp-carbon linear nanostructures and functional nanomaterials
Industry 4.0DMECElisabetta GARIBOLDIThermally Activated Metallic Composites’
Industry 4.0DMECGianpiero MASTINUNext generation Driving Simulators

Politecnico di Milano will organize and cover directly the travel and accommodations expenses (for a maximum of 2.500 euro) for the selected candidates.

Application deadline: (April 24th 2020) POSTPONED May, 24th 2020

There are three main requirements of eligibility:

  1. Applicants must have a PhD (or equivalent research experience of at least four years’ full time research experience by the time of the call deadline: September 9th 2020)
  2. Applicants can be of any nationality but must not have lived or worked in Italy for more than 12 months during the three years up to the closing date of the call (mobility rule)
  3. The applicants must choose the Politecnico di Milano as their Host Institution

In order to apply the applicants must choose one of the “Supervisors project proposals” and send the following forms as pdf files to: mscamasterclass(at) 

  1. Curriculum vitae and publications list
  2. Letter of motivation and research statement
  3. Eligibility Self-declaration

All forms are compulsory.

The Politecnico di Milano team will verify candidates eligibility and send the applications to Supervisors taking in consideration the choice expressed by candidates in their application forms.

Supervisors will select one candidate per each “Supervisor project proposal”.

The selected candidates will be contacted by Politecnico di Milano team and will be invited to attend the MSCA MASTER CLASS.

Please contact mscamasterclass(at) for any questions on the funding scheme and the MSCA program.

MSCA Seal of Excellence @ POLIMI

The best 5 Marie Sklodowska Curie European Fellows hosted by Politecnico di Milano, not funded by the EC but awarded with the Seal of Excellence by the EC in the H2020-MSCA-IF-2020 (European Fellowship), will be offered a postdoc position for two years with 40.000€/year (gross amount) as salary and 20.000€ for startup fund for research activities, training and networking.