(Attività sul campo, Conferenze, Student will be assigned with pre and post learning tasks: - Pre-learning activities: reading (three scientific articles) and watching two short introductory videos. At the end of this initial activity students must produce a Poster/Statement that everyone will present at the beginning of the course/poster exhibition. - Post learning task (mandatory to earn credits): An essay where students reflect on what they've learned.)

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Design della moda - Design for the Fashion System - Design per il Sistema moda
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The candidate must demonstrate:

  • good knowledge of English is a necessary requirement.
  • knowledge of design methodology.
  • ability to work in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams, having developed interpersonal and communication skills in the previous design and/or work experiences.
N° max studenti
Criteri di selezione
Students will be selected on the basis of the average of the exams and on the evaluation of a portfolio with at least 3 projects related to the themes of the summer school.
Parole chiave:
Sostenibilità, co-design, economia circolare
Comunicazione e presentazione, Design della moda, Design del prodotto, Economia circolare, Materiali, Moda, Produzione industriale, Sostenibilità ambientale e sociale

Descrizione dell'iniziativa

The summer school explores how circular economy and co-design can come together to be promoters of real positive change. The course content has been designed in collaboration with academics from world's leading design and technology universities: Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, The New School: Parsons School of Design, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Politecnico di Milano and Delft University of Technology. This is a unique chance for students to learn and develop their ideas in an international, multidisciplinary context and experience hands-on work in high-quality laboratories at Aalto University campus. Multidisciplinary approach and different background will enriche and expand the learning experience. The course will construct a systemic understanding of the change needed while transforming the current linear economy towards circular economy. A circular economy is a powerful way to address climate change, resource scarcity, and biodiversity loss while also meeting critical social needs. The focus of the course will be on how to prevent waste and pollution, how to keep products and materials in use longer and how to regenerate the whole system towards a better balance.The learning outcomes include following:
  • Understanding the need for system transformation towards circular economy,
  • Understanding the role of design in driving a systemic circular transformation,
  • Modular thinking, prefabrication and design for deconstruction as tools or strategies for designing sustainable products,
  • Understanding the importance of users/consumers in adoption of circular thinking, and
  • Building scenarios and paths towards desired future.
 To reach the objectives set, students will be assigned with pre and post learning tasks. The course is directed at master's students in Design for the Fashion System - Design per il Sistema Moda, Design & Engineering - Progetto e Ingegnerizzazione del Prodotto Industriale, Product Service System Design - Design per il Sistema Prodotto Servizio, Integrated Product Design.

Periodo di svolgimento

dal Agosto 2022 a Agosto 2022


Mon 1.8: Lectures 9-12; Lab work 13-17Tue 2.8: Lectures 9-12; Lab work 13-17Wed 3.8: Lectures 9-12; Lab work 13-17Th 4.8: Lectures 9-12; Lab work 13-17Fri 5.8: Lectures 9-12; Lab work 13-17Mon 8.8: Lectures 9-12; Lab work 13-17Tue 9.8: Lectures 9-12; Lab work 13-17Wed 10.8: Lectures 9-12; Lab work 13-17Th 11.8: Lectures 9-12; Lab work 13-17Fri 12.8: Lectures 9-12; Final exhibition 13-17


The summer school is a 2-week intensive course with pre- and post-assignments. The Course is free of charge BUT a participation of 200 euro is requested for extra activities and visits. Accommodation for students is free. Students will be based in Helsinki city center. Travel expenses are students' responsibility.

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