Naval and Nautical Design

Academic year: 2024/2025

Programme duration: 2 years


Polo Universitario di La Spezia



Industrial and Information Engineering

Architecture and Engineering - University of Genova




Laurea magistrale programmes in Design accept students only in the first semester of the academic year (September intake)

Mission and goals

This programme is located at the Polo Universitario of La Spezia with the contribution of University of Genova and Politecnico di Milano. Part of the activities are carried out also at University of Genova and others at Politecnico di Milano. Students' formation involves both new design as well as refitting of existing yachts and vessels. Themes of interest are: mega-yachts, regatta boats, ship interiors, nautical accessories and set-ups. The programme prepares figures able to manage project complexity both of the craft as well as their components and accessories, from concept development to implementation.

Career opportunities

The professional figure graduating from this programme can find employment in shipyards and related activities (for example, component manufacturers) as well as in design companies. The role which Laurea Magistrale graduates can typically occupy are those of designer in the technical departments of shipyards, designer in design studios or companies for developing accessories for the sector, ship and boat exterior and interior designer, coordinator of production in shipyards, contract designer for cruise ships, etc.