Architecture - Built Environment - Interiors

Academic year: 2023/2024

Programme duration: 2 years


A Bachelor Degree in Architecture.
Candidates are required to produce a portfolio.

From academic year 2020-21 Laurea magistrale programmes under the School of Architecture accept students only in the first semester of the academic year (September intake)

Mission and goals

The educational path of the Programme "Architecture - Built Environment - Interiors" provides advanced training in the field of Architectural Design with the aim to graduate practitioners able to change and to transform the built environment in its physical, architectural and landscape elements, empowering architectural resilience and affordance. The focus is on the modification and the regeneration of urban fabric, as well as of fragile territories, on interventions of building extensions and transformation, restoration and enhancement. The programme offers the possibility to characterize the study plan according to personal interests by choosing, besides the compulsory courses, a large number of elective thematic Design Studios. The courses have been conceived to ensure a correct balance among theoretical, practical and applicative aspects, by integrating in the design process the necessary requirements of feasibility and environmental, economic and social sustainability. Furthermore, specific courses aimed at providing advanced knowledge on Computation Design are available during all the two year-programme.


A sample of a typical study plan:

1st year

Structural Design, History and Theory of Contemporary Architecture, Architectural Design Studio, Architectural Preservation Studio, Architecture of Interiors Design Studio, Design and Construction Studio, Advanced Computational Design.

2nd year

Elective Thematic Design Studio (fields: Architecture; Preservation; Environment; Interiors; Urbanism), Elective and Thematic Courses, Internship, Advanced Computational Design, Elective Final Design Studio (fields: Architecture; Preservation; Environment; Interiors; Urbanism), MSc Thesis.

Career opportunities

The Laurea Magistrale in Architecture produces highly qualified designers, recognised by the European Union, thereby opening extensive fields of professional opportunity in the industry. Graduates of our MSc programme are currently working as independent professionals, for Public Administration, research institutes, private firms both in Italy and abroad.

Employment Statistics

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