Safety and Prevention Engineering in the Process Industry

Academic year: 2022/2023

Programme duration: 2 years

Mission and goals

The educational programme of the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) in Safety and Prevention Engineering in the Process Industry has the objective of exploring issues concerning the safety of production systems, considering also the environmental impact related to plant operation. An educational programme is thus defined to prepare safety managers and safety planners, and professional figures having the skills to identify dangers, quantify and minimise risks, arrange diagnostic, establish protective and maintenance measures to minimize the risks associated with plant operation and able to make sustainable productions.

Career opportunities

Graduates find employment mainly in production plants and consultancy companies. The main tasks concern safety planning and coordination, both in the design as well as in the operational phase, the preparation of safety reports for high accident risk companies, the design and management of maintenance plans and management of prevention and protection services.

Employment Statistics

More info

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