Ethics Committee

In accordance with current legislation the objectives of the Politecnico di Milano's Ethics Committee are to safeguard:

  • the rights, dignity, integrity and well-being of the human beings involved in research
  • respect for every other living organism
  • respect for the environment in every dimension and component
  • freedom and the promotion of science

The Committee's task is to provide opinions, assessments and checks to those undertaking scientific research, to the structures directly affected and the Politecnico di Milano's management bodies to ensure that research takes place in accordance with the ethical principles defined by international and Italian legislation and the university's Ethics Code, especially research themes relating to:

  • human beings (data or personal marks detection, devices for surgical operations, tests and validation of new measurement and/or action devices, interviews, observations, biological sample collection, physiological measurement parameters, information gathered and used for various purposes)
  • use, production and collection of human tissues and cells
  • collection of personal data: research relating to the processing of information relating to physical identified or identifiable individuals
  • animals
  • third countries
  • potential for dual use of technologies: research, technologies and information which may have military, terrorist, etc. uses, ends or exploitation
  • technologies and information which could be used for unethical purposes

Functioning of the Ethics Code

The composition methods of the Committee, those relating to the validity of the sessions and deliberations, are set out in the Regulations of the Ethics Committee. CVs of the members of the Ethics Committee are made public in this session together with the deliberations which lead to the appointment of the President and its components for the 2016-2018 three year period.